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JOJO company
JOJO WINGS has been making premium quality canopies for all levels of extreme air-sports (paragliding, powered paragliding, powerkiting, buggykiting, snowkiting, skydiving and kitesurfing) since 1992. Based in the Czech Republic JOJO WINGS guarantee products of the highest possible quality. From design to the production JOJO WINGS products are manufactured in our own specialist factory here in Europe. Every JOJO WINGS product comes with a guarantee of satisfaction, precision quality and service.

JOJO people
The JOJO WINGS team includes pilots, skydivers, kitesurfers, and board-riders. It's this combination of design and technical expertise with an active involvement in the sports which helps us stay at the cutting edge of innovation when designing our products as well as ensuring function, quality and reliability. At the same time our team reminds us that everything we develop and produce is, above all, designed for maximum enjoyment and satisfaction.

JOJO design
One JOJO advantage over its competitors is that its products benefit from the broad range we develop. Whilst aerodynamics is a law, each breakthrough in design or technology discovered for one product benefits everything in the JOJO WINGS range. JOJO WINGS is all about innovation, pioneering design, materials and technologies. When we began, the company set itself a goal to discover new things, experiment and move the boundaries of the possible. Our designers have over 10 years of experience and this knowledge is the main factor in enabling us to develop and build some of the best products on the market today. These products are used by the world's best at the top competitions as well as amateurs looking to find the enjoyment and freedom of flying.

JOJO succes
JOJO WINGS has been developing high performance wings for paragliding since 1992. In 1993 our pilots were nominated to compete at the World Championship representing the Czech Republic using JOJO WINGS canopies. Based on this success JOJO WINGS started producing canopies for all categories from beginners to professional pilots. Our products are being chosen for competition at the highest levels such as the World Cup and the World Championship. Building on the success of our free-flying canopies, we expanded our range to include canopies for powered paragliding. Since1995 we've had a number of National Champions and European Champion in the PPG class. Capturing the FAI speed record in the same category shows the canopies to be a huge success. JOJO WINGS is a partner of the Czech National Team and works with the best world teams from FRANCE, SPAIN and RUSSIA. JOJO WINGS started developing wings for powerkiting in 1994. Our company holds many European and National titles in the Czech Republic, National Champions in the USA and our riders are European Champions in buggykiting and snowkiting. On snow we have two World Champions. 1994 also saw us diversifying into skydiving, with our company developing high performance canopies for this sport. Our high performance HOP 330 tandem canopy HOP is used by some of the biggest Drop Zones in the world. Besides sport and professional use our product is also used by the armed forces.

JOJO motivation

JOJO challenges
A challenge to push your own capabilities. To surpass the limits of the possible. To actively fight with gravity and stay airborne for the longest possible time.

JOJO inspires
JOJO is your key to the sky. Your key to the ultimate space in which to move and play. Let yourself be inspired by the sky, a place without limits, to fly, to soar, to take wing.

JOJO is fun
JOJO opens up the world's last playground - the sky. JOJO kites let you enjoy the fun of competing in the world's biggest arena - the sky - and experience first hand the total exhilaration of flying.

JOJO is freedom
Your freedom is limited by gravitation. JOJO gives to the wings, to get you to sky to achieve your dream - your freedom.