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Since its establishment JOJOWING has been specializing in the production of high-performance and racing paragliders, which were the main focus of the Company’s production program. The production program has been gradually extended and complemented. Presently our Company supplies also paragliders for less experienced and beginning pilots and tandem paragliders.


Brand new paraglider Instinct

Click for more info about AddictionPerformance class glider "Addiction" is designed for advanced pilots and their amateur as well as sports cross-country flights. The "Addiction" will enable the pilots desiring to race to make their first tries without feeling any handicap in the performance while acquiring new experience with complete comfort of the „performance“ class.. The exceptional steering control, ideal setting of basic speed and minimum sink rate is the main potential of the "Addiction" wing, thus extending the possibilities of sport-oriented pilots. Its extraordinary climbing in thermals, high performance and maximum speed predetermine this wing to excellent sports successes, which is proved by the results of pilots racing at the Czech Paragliding Cup in competition with race gliders. These sports successes rank the Addition wing at the top of the „performance“ class and its pilots above the others in their class.

Click for more info about QuestThe tandem paraglider QUEST II. is a new version of its successful forerunner. It is meant for a wide group of tandem pilots, who are looking for a wing that excels at dexterity and performance and its qualities make at the same time provision for higher claims to safety when flying in a pair. As well as its forerunner, it is possible to be used for powered paragliding , in this field its performance and flight qualities are appreciated mainly by PPG pilots.