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JOJOWINGS are the pioneers in the development of special wings for powered paragliding. Our design team uses the knowledge gained from over ten years success in paragliding. This experience provides the potential for the development of world's highest-level products. Our wings are designed for competition flying at the highest level as well as for the beginners looking to find an enjoyment and freedom in powered paragliding. All together can then, with help of our products, use -

JOJO tuning - advantage for more kilometres, more speed, more freedom...

European Champion 2002 in PPG Category Pavel Stepan
7x Czech Republic National Champion in PPG Category Pavel Stepan and Pavel Brezina
European Champion 2006 in PL-1 category
Speed record FAI in PPG Category 2004 Jiri Sramek and Nirvana Rodeo
Czech National Team Partner
JOJO WINGS works with not only the best Czech pilots but also the best pilots from France, Spain and Russia

JOJO design and philosophy

Pilots from JOJOWINGS work very closely with top manufacturers of the paragliding motors, and have a strong input on the development of the propellers and other components. Knowledge of equipment requirements together with the experience gained in competition flying are determining factors for future development. This development includes products for different pilot categories, who through this equipment can decide about their future direction in sport.

Do you want to be the best? Compare yourself with the best!
You need speed, manageability, performance. You need equipment which will convert your experience to maximum advantage. You need a wing with a great potential. It's not enough to be just the fastest....

Do you want to be free? Your experience is your freedom!
In order to use your experience to push the boundaries of your limits, you need reliable machines wing performance in order to further develop your performance. Only then you can recognise the difference between flight and flying...

Do you want to fly "just like that"? Fly!
Benefit from the experience which our products have built into them in your category. Flying without stress is a gift even for the best pilots. You have in your hands the best pilot's experience. Fly and enjoy it!

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