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Speedy - SHV Performance

!WARNING! Do not enter if you have fear and speed is not your cup of tea. It is possible that you would not manage it. Otherwise, do not hesitate, you are welcome!

SPEEDY is a special wing meant in particular for powered paragliding and its advanced and demanding fans. Are you looking for something really cool? So you shouldn't ignore it. Otherwise, you will have to pretend that you have never got to know about it, or you will have to find another good reason why you haven't become interested in it.

The paraglider SPEEDY is a wing of a new generation meant in particular for powered paragliding. It was developed together with experienced pilots and it is meant in particular for them. During its development, its potential was tested on the occasion of home and foreign competitions. Measuring and comparison with other companies during the world championship Long Marson 2003 has made it officially the fastest special wing (Castello Branco 2004 66,47 km/h). SPEEDY had at the same time an opportunity to contribute to the great success of the Czech team by gaining a bronze medal at the championship.

SPEEDY has been certified in the category Performance. For powered paragliding it is suitable not only for the category PPG, but also for the category MPG (PL-1). During its development its suitability for acrobatic flying has been checked and its performance enables also free unpowered flying of cross country disciplines. The construction of the wing SPEEDY is based on experience with development of powerful paragliders with respect to specialization and usage of this wing. Diagonal segments are used in the construction of the wing. Except checked constructional elements, a new solution of construction of inlets on the leading edge has been designed especially for this type. The used technology and constructional details are based on many years of JOJOWING's experience with work in the field of powered paragliding.

During development of the wing, our company JOJOWING cooperated with producers of paramotors and also with experienced competition pilots. The result is an optimal setting of flight and performance parameters, which enables also engine technology to excel. And the engine technology is an important part of measuring forces during competitions. In economical disciplines concentrated on fuel consumption a powerful profile together with performance parameters of the wing enable excellent results. SPEEDY also excels at technical disciplines because of its extraordinary dexterity and a wide extent of speed. Flight qualities and the performance of the wing excel also during thermal flying, they enable to take the maximum advantage in weaker as well as in stronger thermal conditions. This all with a possibility to use a wide extent of speed, high travel and a (very) high maximum speed.

For experienced pilots without competitive ambitions SPEEDY offers distinctly more kilometers, more freedom, more fun - simply more everything......SPEEDY is the favourite of all those people, who desire to fly somewhere. SPEEDY is a fulfilled dream of slalom acrobats.......

We are proud that one of the first successes of this type is the fact, that it was chosen as an equipment of the Czech national team LAA CR.

This type is on the basis of cooperation with the Nirvana company traded through its dealership under the type name MASTER.