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XF 15 and Martin Sonka

(pasted: 2012-10-05)


from July 23th till July 27th we have an all-company holidays, so we will not be able to respond to Your requests. Sorry for any inconvenience it can make...
(pasted: 2012-07-15)

Czech BASE Team - Swiss 2011

Czech BASE Team - Swiss 2011 from MarrtyCZ on Vimeo.

(pasted: 2011-12-15)

Slalomania world cup paramotor 2011

Mr. Ji? Koudela took 8th place, using M19 canopy.
(pasted: 2011-09-18)

HOP 425

On the 14th of July 2011 the permission for commission tests for HOP 425 was released.
(pasted: 2011-07-14)

The Czech Republic Championship 2011 in Kamenica nad Cirochou, from 3rd to 10th of July 2011.

Mr. Ji? Koudela took 1st place in PF1 catogory. He raced on JOJOWINGS canopy MO.YO 26.
(pasted: 2011-07-10)


On the 1st of July 2011 we obtained a licence for commission tests for XF PRO canopy ( modificated XF15 canopy)
(pasted: 2011-07-01)

The Czech Republic Championship 2010 in Stichovice, from 18th to 24th of September 2010..

Mr. Frantiek Salava took 5th place in PF1 category.
Mr. Frantiek Salava raced on JOJOWINGS MO.YO 26. The same types of canopies were used by other competitors, who took the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place.
(pasted: 2010-09-24)

Certification for other sizes of XF15 and SONIC..

On the 19th of July 2010 certification for other sizes of XF15 canopy was finished. Valid for sizes 77,82,85,87,89 and 93.
Also certification for SONIC canopy was extended by size 108.
(pasted: 2010-07-19)

Certification of SONIC..

On the 25th of May 2010 we have successfully finished the certification for sport canopy SONIC in 120, 135, 150, 170 sizes. SONIC 220S is now suitable for students.
(pasted: 2010-05-25)

World Championship 2009 in Nov M?sto nad Metuj, from 30th of July to 9th of August 2009.

Mr. Pavel B?ezina took 2nd place in PF1 category.
Mr. Frantiek Salava took 3rd place in PF1 category.
Both competitors raced on JOJOWINGS canopy MO.YO.
In a category PF1 took 1st place team of The Czech republic, team members: P. B?ezina, F.Salava, J. Koudela, P. t?pn, M. Schulz, M.Berka.
All competitors, except for M.Berka, raced on JOJOWINGS canopy MO.YO.
(pasted: 2009-08-09)


On the 1st of May 2009 prototype of JAZZ canopy was prepared for further use in contest flying. R.Krampl and J.Haberman were first users of this prototype.
(pasted: 2009-08-09)

New acquisition ? JOJOWINGS

Dear friends,

We are pleased to inform you that within consolidation of position in manufacture and sale of parachute equipment in European region MarS company joined JOJOWINGS company. This step will stronger MarS company mainly in the field of sport wings and parachute canopies production. JOJOWINGS will continue in its development and manufacture of sport parachute canopies.
JOJOWINGS will also continue in a development and manufacture of paragliding canopies for motor and free flying nad hopefuly will follow its outstanding results from the near past.
JOJOWINGS company will hold an independent legal entity in the market. With all your requirements and suggestios contact Mr. Frantiek Salava, who remains as an executive director in JOJOWINGS company.

(pasted: 2008-12-11)

WPC 2007

WPC China 2007 and JOJO medals.

Bronze in category PL-1 Ma Machartov

Team Silver in category PL-1

Silver in category PL-2 Jirka rmek and Tonda Kulek

First time in the history of World championships woman wins in the task!

(pasted: 2007-09-09)


Jojowings, French fabric producer and Millet B.A.S.E. team in joint project of fabric and B.A.S.E. equipment testing
(pasted: 2007-08-01)


New paramotor wing MO.YO 19 and 17m2 is on the way?
(pasted: 2007-08-01)

JOJO celebrates 15 years

Celebrate with us 28-30.9. at the airport in Roudnice - all "JOJOs" are welcome
(pasted: 2007-07-31)


New canopy Sonic for beginners and intermediate skydivers. Comming soon?
(pasted: 2007-07-31)


JOJO-team pilots nominated on World championships in China
(pasted: 2007-06-30)

2x vicechampion

Frantiek Slava is back in PF-1 and Michaela Machartov still in PL-1. Both vicechampions of the Czech republic 2007
(pasted: 2007-06-30)

JOJO WINGS - again Czech champion

JOJO WINGS - again Czech champion in category PPG Pavel Stoupa t?pn
(pasted: 2007-06-30)

Empuria Brava

New demo center in the Spain
(pasted: 2007-05-30)

JOJO WINGS swoop competition team

The highest world swoop level attack
(pasted: 2007-05-30)

H.X.P. 280!

New H.X.P. 280 - first news
(pasted: 2007-01-06)


New XF PRO - cross brace technology
(pasted: 2007-01-05)

15 years on the sky

We are netering the 15. year on the sky. Thanks for your support!
(pasted: 2007-01-01)

New ACRO wing

Fun both for pilot and spectators
(pasted: 2006-10-31)


New competititon wing TOPPER II. Unique technology of diagonals and many other improvements
(pasted: 2006-09-30)

JOJO European champion in Chozas de Abajo

JOJO again powered paragliding European champion. This year Franta Salava in PL-1 category. But there is more - second place in same category - Michaela Machartova and first place in teams!
Category PF-1 3x our wings in first ten and second place in teams!
And that is not all. 2x world, european and championship record by Franta Salava. Congratulations!
(pasted: 2006-08-30)

Czech republic vicechampion

Michaela Machartova became Czech republic vicechampion in powered paragliding!
(pasted: 2006-07-30)

B.A.S.E. program!

JOJO has B.A.S.E. program! check soon for further info!
(pasted: 2006-05-23)

YON new SHV Performance!

YON new SHV Performance!
(pasted: 2006-04-16)

JOJO Kites win WISSA 2006

JOJO Kites win!

Our riders succeded at WISSA 2006

Anatolij Sarafannikov( a


(pasted: 2006-02-21)


Skydivers attention! Newcomer for sport skydiving ? we prepare new model line of high performance canopies RAPTOR. Enjoy. :o)
(pasted: 2005-12-12)


HIT AIR-SHOWS 06 ? for the best and sportive pilots ? SPEEDY 17 is nearly finished. The wing is not limit, the engine performance is!
(pasted: 2005-12-08)

H.O.P. 300

Plum for experts: extreme high performance tandem canopy H.O.P. 300 is working. Technology Cross-brace beats also tandem pilots hearts. Australia got a slice of the action again!
(pasted: 2005-11-23)


SPEEDY 26 is here. The size matters. Big engines and pilots have new wing.
(pasted: 2005-11-13)


The newcomer in TANDEM equipment: QUEST II 38. Faster and more maneuverable
(pasted: 2005-11-10)

ACRO paragliding

Acro paragliding. JOJO WINGS ? AIR GAMES. We prepare new toy for acro pilots.
(pasted: 2005-11-09)


XF-15 is certified by AeCR! JOJO WINGS entered and extended world companies prevailing cross-brace technology to four.
(pasted: 2005-10-22)

Master of the Czech republic

Master of the Czech republic in MPG category Michaela Machartova SPEEDY 21 ATTENTION! Don?t substitute with mistress ? it was a fight with men :o)
(pasted: 2005-10-22)

Champion of the Czech republic

One champion of the Czech republic more! Ing. Brezina ? Master/Rodeo
(pasted: 2005-10-22)


And Bronze up: Czech republic Championship 2005 Frantisek Salava SPEEDY 21
(pasted: 2005-10-22)

Vice champion of the Czech republic

And more vice champion of the Czech republic in MPG category Michal Krivanek. Congratulation
(pasted: 2005-10-20)

World championship in powered paragliding

World championship in powered paragliding France Grand Dieu: JOJO WINGS gliders ? member of all three victorious teams.

1. place team PPG France Ronan Chollou SPEEDY21 / Reflex paramotours
2. place team PPG Czech republic Frantisek Salava, Ing. P. Brezina, V. Procek, P. Stepan, J. Koudela team PPG Spain Carlos SPEEDY24 / He-paramotores team PL-1 Russia Vasily Diatchenko INSTINCT team PL-1 Czech republic Michal Krivanek, Zdenek Andrlik, Michaela Machartova

(pasted: 2005-08-28)

Czeh republic Championship

3. round of Czeh republic Championship: Misa has got a HATTRICK! Third victory in line. The title is home!
(pasted: 2005-07-18)

New paraglider Instinct

New paraglider Instinct

Paraglider Instinct is new Standard category wing demanded both for powered and free paragliding


(pasted: 2005-04-29)

JOJO Kites win Kitestyle ISKA European Championships 2005

JOJO Kites win!

Our riders succeded at Kitestyle ISKA European Championships 2005

Anatolij Sarafannikov( and Alexey Razhev(


(pasted: 2005-03-06)

New freestyle kite!

SESSION - new freestyle kite!

(pasted: 2004-10-22)

Speedy new SHV Performance

Paraglider Speedy succesfully certified in SHV Performance category!

Paraglider Speedy is a wing of new generation appointed firstly for powered paragliding. Especially for sale in set with Nirvana paramotors this wing is also made under name Master. It was prepared collectively with experienced pilots and it is aimed first of all for them. Within preparation its potential was proven in Czech and abroad competitions. Measuring and comparing with competitors during World championship Long Marston 2003 made it officially the fastest special. Speedy had also great opportunity to help Czech team gaining the bronze medal in this championship.

(pasted: 2004-08-17)

JOJO RM+ won S.P.O. - April 2004

JOJO RM+ was very succesfull in GPA German kitebuggying in S.P.O. - April 2004
Master men - 1. and 2. place
Master women - 3. place
Fun race - 1., 2. and 3. place
Open - 1. and 3. place 
(pasted: 2004-04-15)

JOJO RM+ is the World snowkiting champion of the Year 2004!

JOJO RM+ (the successor of well known JOJO RM) won Ice and Snow Sailing World Championship 2004
placing: 1. - 2. - 4. - 6. a 9. !
(pasted: 2004-03-30)

JOJOWING YOKI is Czech PPG champion of the year 2003

YOKI - SHV Standard paraglider piloted by Pavel t?pn won the 2003 Czech PPG championship
(pasted: 2003-12-12)

JOJOWING YOKI is Europe PPG champion of the year 2002

YOKI - SHV Standard paraglider piloted by Pavel t?pn won the 2002 European PPG championship
(pasted: 2002-12-12)