Chvalínská 2109
zip: 413 01
Roudnice n/L

Yoki - SHV standard class glider

2003 Czech powered paragliding champion

2002 European powered paragliding champion

The paraglider YOKI is designed for the whole range of powered paragliding pilots from beginning ,slightly advanced to competition pilots.
YOKI will instantly capture you by its sophisticated design and easy, continuous start, its quickness and steering control easiness as well as its very good performance. The YOKI is a wing that will undoubtedly persuade you that you hopelessly surrendered to the charm called flying.
The combination of surprisingly easy steering control, high basic speed and minimum dropping provides the utilization of the YOKI wing potential for extraordinary rising.
The YOKI wing combines the use of diagonal ribs with other newest design elements and thus enables to reduce the number of lines and increase the profile solidity. This concept brings not only the reduction of the overall wing resistance and thus also the increase in performance over the „standard“ class framework, but also significantly increases its dynamic stability and maximum speed of the glider.
The profiles on the trailing edge of the wing are designed in „V“ shape to attain ideal distribution of powers and higher accuracy of steering. The speed-system designed with the utmost care will agreeably surprise all pilots by its easy turning in its maximum speed.
The YOKI gives pilots the feeling of „one body“ with the glider immediately after start thanks to its reactions to steering actions through steering lines and a harness. Flying with the YOKI is simply extraordinary fun.
The YOKI, as an integration of all these elements, provides pleasure from flying on a paraglider, which will bring you fun and countless beautiful flying experiences in many years to come.